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Reinvent books for kids?! 讓繪本突變吧

What is parent-child reading activity?

The parent-child reading(PCR) wasn't concerned a pure reading experience, more like a series of activities. Activities might include acting, finger puppet, hand clap, kids' crafts, and singing etc. For all of these extra activities, children's picture book remains mostly the same. Usually, it comes with a picture for every page, fewer words, bigger text, more spacing, or phonetic notation in some languages. According to the definition of PCR isn't just reading, should we redefine or reinvent the book for it.





First of all, observe the behavior and the environment.

Generally speaking, a comfortable P.C.R. environment will have some criteria in common. Bookshelf, not more than 3 levels. Frequently read books presenting cover-facing-front, the rest spine-facing-front. Lighting, soft and bright. Support, comfortable sofa, pillow, and blanket. Gesturing, kids on the parents' lap, book on the hand or lap, on the floor or table.



Considering the ordinary book form, purely reading situation: 普通的書本形式,考慮純粹閱讀

1. on the floor, not the best reading angle, picture deforming, or reflecting light.


2. on the hands or laps, to close to read, hands get tired.


3. on the table, flat opened book has the same problems as it is on the floor. Standing up the book, casting the shadow on pages, and hard to flip.



Considering the PCR activities: 考慮共讀活動

1. Flipping a page is really slow.


2. Flat open is not the best angle.


3. It takes two hands to hold it.


4. Having trouble to flip with a book stand.



Define the question: 定義出問題PCR is less like reading, more like a play. A co-operational activity between parents and children.

The problem to be fixed: 需要解決的問題

A. the reading angle(stage set up)觀賞角度(舞台的架設)

B. free hands(free the actors)釋放雙手(演員的自由)

C. flipping speed(transaction between scenes)翻頁速度(快速切換場景不冷場)

D. compact storage(save stage inventory)收納(不佔用書架)


Solutions: 解決的方案A flip friendly book stand(an auxiliary), reinvent kids book(challenging), change the carrier(tablet) 翻書不卡卡書架(輔助物)、改造書本(以桌上型月曆為概念)、改變載體(電子書)...

1. A flip friendly book stand can only solve the reading angle and free the hands, there is already some product on the market.


2. Reinvent kids book, to solve 4 problems in one solution could be challenging.


3. Change carrier is an easy and boring task, also have the blue light, and 3C addiction issue.



Let's go for the tough one.


1. It could stand up like a desktop calendar. Spiral binding could speed up the flipping, cardboard material is stronger and flips easier.



2. Change the binding position to present the two pages at once. Easy to read on the floor or on the table. 一次能夠看見全部的內容,改變線圈的位置,適合桌上和地上使用的觀看角度。


3. Implement technique learned from the way a banker speed counting bills.



4. Compact design, foldable construction. It gotta has a cover, back, and spine. This design has to be material economic.



5. Less process costs down.



Prototype 原型

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