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The Lookup sticker 讓人抬頭的貼圖

This year, I created a set of line stickers to make people look up from their phones.

We all have a device, we call it the cell phone. We used to call it the "smartphone" before it took over the cell phone market. It has a screen size of about 4 inches on average, which innovated to assist us to keep in touch with friends and families. Now, this 4" device is our window to see the world, the way the media want us to see it.




Smart phone, the 4" window to "the" world

How to get rid of the hook of cell phone addiction without making people feel disturbed

The whole idea was inspired by a stray cat near my girlfriend's place. We even name her, Po-Gai* (PG) and expect to encounter PG, every time I walk my girlfriend home. We have been interrupted by PG's belly-up trick during the conversation for so many times, that PG always got our eyes, and slowed us down to play with her. It was our routine until PG stopped showing herself.



PG, a dark brown with black tabby stray cat

We only have a few picture of her. She is so sweet, playful and friendly, that we assume she might been a house cat once a while.

The belly-up trick

When a cat shows relaxation and trust, they expose its belly. Meanwhile, the Cat may stretch its body longer than you can imagine. This is an irresistible moment for most pet lovers.



3:4 landscape is not a good ratio for a fully stretched cat.

How to recreate a belly-up stretching cat on Line sticker?

The problem is Line sticker's canvas is a 3:4 landscape format, which a full stretch cat will be too small to fit in. I decide to divide a full-length cat into 3 parts, and the mid part will set to be repeatable. It fixed the size issue, and give us a chance to recreate a screen tall stretching cat. These repeatable stickers will definitely interrupt any cell phone-related interaction in a sec.



Meet PG. The stray cat that will melt you down. Yes, it's halted tail cat.

The two series of Line stickers you can find on the Line-sticker market, including three special editions.


Click on the image below for a set of Look-Up concept stickers of your own.



But the most special one among all will always be the one we once met. We wish PG the best of luck and always have someone to show your belly to.

These stickers are dedicated to PG.



*Po-Gai is Cantonese, which means fall on the street. It is a swear word in Hong Kong locally.

*撲街 是一句廣東話,原意是在街上跌倒了。在香港本地用這一句話來罵人。


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